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Join the CrossFit Gym movement in an atmosphere that produce results through premier coaching here in the Somerset West area
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Body Transformation Chalenge

Exercising at 5 a.m. can be tough

Exercising at 5 a.m. can be tough, but here are 3 reasons why it’s worth it.  Watch our YouTube video NOW.

About Us

CEY CrossFit was established in 2013 by founder Abrie Valentine. At its inception, the focus was giving people better bodies. Throughout its growth, many people’s lives have been changed through fitness, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. By holding fast to this as our vision we have developed a culture where healthy friendships are formed in a fitness environment where people express faith in their abilities through health and exercise.

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CrossFit welcomes and unites people of all ages, abilities, and goals. Our workouts are accessible and effective for all. We build strong local communities that drive a deep sense of belonging.

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The CrossFit program makes people fitter faster and more safely than any other program. We deadlift, clean, squat, and press. We do gymnastics with progressions that are accessible to all. We bike, run, swim, jump, and row. We use intensity customized to the individual. CrossFit works for everyone.

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CrossFit provides accountability through coaches who know you, care for you, and modify workouts based on your needs. CrossFit provides a community that makes you feel welcome and is fun. CrossFit gives you measurable progress that motivates you to keep coming back and striving for more.

What is CrossFit

CEY CrossFit – Somerset West, bringing people together through fitness. Getting people healthy and moving well through good coaching, good character, and a great community.
CEY CrossFit is one of the longest-standing boxes with some of the more experienced and most knowledgeable trainers in the area of Helderberg here to help, look, feel and become great.

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Strategically varied, new workouts programmed every day. Different movements, rep schemes, weights, and time domains. You’ll never get bored.

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Need to pick something up off the floor? That’s a deadlift. Need to sit down in a chair? That’s a squat. Need to put something on a shelf? That’s a push press. We train functional movements because that’s what life demands, and it is essential to independent living.

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Intensity is the most effective way to get results from your workouts. In CrossFit, we focus first on moving well, then on increasing intensity. Intensity is relative, which means the goal is to work hard within the limits of your own physical and psychological capacity. If you’re working hard, you’re getting fitter.


“Thanks to the patience and expertise of the Coaches and the grace of God, I really started to love the health and fitness journey”
– Paula Finnie

Paula Finnie

Paula Finnie

Doing a challenge such as Murph, or competing in the CrossFit Open is particularly huge for me for several reasons. I am the short, overweight, uncoordinated child who did not crawl or walk until I was almost 3 years old. I hated sport throughout school, and felt constantly belittled and made to feel stupid in that environment. I carried body and weight issues into my 20’s and only started to take up solo sport, such as length swimming as I started work. I walked into a gym a little later and was content to just do my thing for many years. Before having my first child I even lost 16 kg! But, it wasn’t until I walked into CrossFit CEY in May 2019 at almost 51 years old, that I found “my thing”. I felt as though I had come home. Thanks to the patience and expertise of the Coaches and the grace of God, I really started to love the health and fitness journey I was on. Not once have I felt belittled, rather, the consistent encouragement to learn and to push and to achieve my best has been quite literally life-changing for me. At the same time I have completely changed the way I eat, I have been doing the 16:8 intermittent fasting for 3 years, and have recently cut alcohol from my life. The challenge of menopause has also come my way for the whole of my time at CEY and I believe I would not be living the way that I do without CrossFit. Many a day I have to remind myself that it’s about showing up, giving my best and believing in the coaching I have received, even if I don’t feel like it. Every time I walk out of the gym feeling better. Yes, at almost 55 I have aches and pains and swellings and take longer to recover after exercise etc etc, but I am super proud to be able to not only go to CrossFit, but to compete and achieve and push – all with the constant support and love of my community. Being a woman of my age and stage is not an excuse to not exercise, it’s to be celebrated. I want to walk into my next decade stronger than I am now and ready and more able to conquer all that life has for me!

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Changing people’s lives through fitness

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Healthy Spirit, Healthy Mind & Healthy Body

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Faith, Fitness, Fellowship.

As Low As R910/mo

What do you get:

  • Professional outsourced programming tailored to your level of fitness.
  • Professional, qualified, experienced world-class coaching.
  • Beginners fitness courses.
  • One-on-one attention in controlled managed group environment.
  • The loudest cheers, music and the best vibe!
  • One week free trial.
  • One month tryout.